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Looking for couples or marriage counseling? You're in the right place! Choosing a great therapist is an important part of your therapy experience as not all therapists are equal.

As a specialist in helping couples, marriages, and relationships heal, I am one of the highest trained couples therapists in all of Nevada. I specialize in providing effective therapy services in Las Vegas, Nevada using the profession's current APA gold standard of couples counseling, Emotionally Focused Therapy. No matter what issue or concern brings you to couples counseling, I have made it my mission to offer couples something effective, relatable and non pathological to help you.

I believe in the power of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to help couples heal, rebuild connection, and create the loving relationships they've always desired. I am certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy not only as a therapist, but as a supervisor for mental health professionals as well. I also help train and mentor Counselors and therapists in the model of Emotionally Focused Therapy as President of the local EFT Community.

Great counseling and therapy is definitely worth the investment! As a dedicated therapist, I am committed to guiding couples through their journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Learn more about why I use EFT as the most effective model of couples counseling to help you build a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

Get Effective Couples, Marriage and Relationship Counseling in Las Vegas, NV using the most effective method to help couples heal.

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In my practice as a couples therapist, I am passionate about helping couples navigate the challenges they face in their relationships. Pioneered by Dr. Susan M. Johnson, Emotionally Focused Therapy has proven to be an incredibly effective approach in achieving lasting results earning it the professions current Gold Standard of Counseling by the APA. Here's why I love EFT:

Healing at the Core

Emotionally Focused Therapy focuses on healing the emotional bonds between partners. It recognizes that negative patterns of interaction often stem from unmet attachment needs and unaddressed emotional wounds resulting in higher rates of conflict, communication issues, and intimacy problems, for example. By addressing these core emotions and needs, EFT helps couples move past surface-level conflicts and discover a deeper understanding and connection with each other. EFT uses Attachment based science and a non-pathological stance to really understand the heart of the problem and to see people in context of their situations rather than using labels of judgment that minimize someone's experience and pain.

Research-Based Effectiveness

Emotionally Focused Therapy is backed by extensive research and has been proven successful in numerous studies. It has shown the highest rates of success out of any model of couples counseling available, with approximately 70-75% of couples experiencing significant improvements in their relationship satisfaction and security after completing EFT, and for others, as high as 84%-90% of couples showing general levels of improvement overall. This evidence-based approach is continually evolving and adapting to meet the unique needs of couples. I enjoy using a method that is proven to work that also offers a clear road map for success. There is nothing worse than seeing a therapist who doesn't invest in their professional development enough to get extensively trained and demonstrate a mastery of skill level in their specialty, and who uses methods that are not the most effective available. I like to use what works!

Restructuring Negative Patterns

EFT provides couples with the tools and skills necessary to identify and transform negative interaction patterns. By understanding the underlying emotions and needs driving these patterns, couples can break free from repetitive cycles of conflict, blame, and disconnection. EFT focuses on fostering new patterns of communication and emotional responsiveness that strengthen the relationship.

Rebuilding Trust and Intimacy

Emotionally Focused Therapy places a strong emphasis on rebuilding trust and deepening intimacy. Through guided conversations and experiential exercises, couples learn to express their needs, fears, and vulnerabilities in a safe and supportive environment. By cultivating open and honest communication, couples can restore their emotional bonds and create a secure attachment with each other. During the healing journey, I help couples learn how to bond more deeply with each other, and restore of create deeper levels of emotional and physical intimacy that will help your relationship stand the test of time. The goal is also not to just have a long lasting relationship, but a happy and deeply connected one!

Empowering Lasting Change

EFT equips couples with lifelong skills to sustain positive changes and navigate future challenges. By gaining insight into their emotional triggers and learning effective ways to respond, couples become more attuned to each other's needs and can resolve conflicts with compassion and empathy. EFT empowers couples to create a solid foundation for a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Experience the Love Relationship You've Always Wanted

As a highly skilled and compassionate therapist, I am dedicated to helping couples in Las Vegas, Nevada and all over the world create the love relationship they've always desired. Whether you come for an intensive therapy experience, or seek regular weekly therapy sessions, I am dedicated to helping you heal using the most effective method available. With Emotionally Focused Therapy as my cornerstone, I am committed to guiding you through the journey of healing, rebuilding, and restoring connection.

With over 10 years in practice, take the first step towards transforming your relationship today by scheduling a session with me, Dr. Belle, PhD, LMFT.