There are several reasons why couples may want to participate in an intensive:

  • Couples that have a pretty close relationship but feel they need some rejuvenation and "brush up" on their relationship skills and connection building but don't feel they need long term therapy can greatly benefit from intensives
  • Couples in crisis may benefit from some intensive therapy to supplement and jump start their regular therapy received in their local area.
  • An intensive can help you get unstuck (If you're already working with a therapist in your area), helping you and your partner to break through blocks and create space for new conversations that help change your relationship and connection.
  • Geographic limitations make finding good local therapy challenging

Dr. Anabelle Bugatti


Cert. EFT Supervisor & Therapist

Dr. Anabelle Bugatti, LMFT has extensive and advanced training in EFT. She is a certified EFT therapist and a certified EFT Supervisor, helping other therapists learn and master the skills and competencies in EFT. Additionally,

Dr. Bugatti is the current President & Director of the local EFT Community Chapter.

EFT is recognized by the American Psychological Association for its efficacy in helping couples, with a success rate of 70%-90%!

Why choose a proven effective Couples Therapy Intensive instead of ongoing, regular Marriage Counseling?

Working with a marriage counseling professional using the most effective model of counseling in the field of troubled relationships gives your marriage the strongest chance to improve, reconnect, and become happy together again. This is an exciting and unique opportunity to intensively focus on enhancing and growing your relationship.  Marriage Counseling in Las Vegas at Las Vegas Marriage Counseling offers many benefits and advantages.

An intensive can help you get your relationship back on track quicker, and often can save you

money than with weekly sessions.

Give your marriage or relationship the best chance by coming to a Couples Therapy Intensive in Las Vegas, NV

What happens after our Marriage Counseling Intensive?

Cost & Typical Schedule:


$2000 (ask about a cash discount)

Typical Schedule:

Day 1: First hour together followed by  individual sessions with each partner for about 45 minutes. Break for lunch.

Afternoon: 75-90 minutes together, short break. After break, 1 final hour to process.

Day 2:  2 x 90 minute morning couples sessions with a break in between. Break for Lunch. Afternoon 75-90 minutes to process.

*Breaks & schedule may be augmented depending on a couple's level of tolerance for the intensive pace

EFT is based on scientific research, we know that it works!  The model and interventions in EFT have been tested, and demonstrated the most effective for producing last change!

We're not just guessing and offering you some generic relationship advice.

In EFT we know exactly what to do and how to help produce change that lasts !

What is a Couples Intensive?

Like any form of exercise routine, or lifestyle change, your progress greatly depends on you!!

The success of your outcomes in therapy depends on the work you put into your relationship during and after your counseling intensive. Practicing your skills regularly is essential! In intensive therapy, no time is wasted, every moment counts towards your progress.

After your intensive, I strongly urge a follow up with a therapist in your local area so that you can transfer the work we do together to your every day life. It's important to feel confident about applying your new skills and new moves towards each other, especially as you get back to your regular routine of life!

If you have not found a therapist in your local area that you like, I can help offer some referrals.

2 Day Couples Intensives are intensive therapy experiences where couples jump start or accelerate their work on their relationship.

Intensive Couples Therapy is a get-away format that is unique from regular, on-going therapy. A two day intensive equals about six months of marriage counseling work! In this private therapy experience, with just the two of  you, you'll be able to get away from the stresses of your everyday life while working with an expert and master Couples Therapist, Dr. Anabelle Bugatti.

Dr. Bugatti is a highly trained  Emotionally Focused Therapist and EFT Supervisor.  Emotionally Focused Therapy(EFT) is the current Gold Standard of Couples Counseling, proven to be more effective  for helping couples achieve lasting relational change than any other model of counseling currently available in conducted outcome studies.

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