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Must Be Scheduled in Advanced ($500 deposit required)

$5,000 weekdays, (ask about a cash discount). $6500 Weekends, Additional fee may apply for 3 Day intensives

*Ask me about rates for Individual Intensives!


One you've scheduled your intensive, we will schedule an Online Pre-Intensive Meet and Greet to discuss your goals for the intensive

Day 1:
2 x 75-90 minutes together, break for lunch. Afternoon 2 x 75-90 minute sessions depending on your window of tolerance. (We may do a 60 minute session with each of you individually as part of the morning session.)

Day 2: 
2 x 75-90 minute morning couples sessions with a break in between. Break for Lunch. Afternoon session: 1 or 2 x 75-90 minutes to process and discuss next steps.

*Breaks & schedule may be augmented depending on a couple's level of tolerance for the intensive pace

Couples Intensive Therapy

Las Vegas Couples Intensive Therapy Retreats

How is Intensive Couples Therapy different from other marriage retreats?

2 Day Couples Intensives are private, intensive therapy experiences where couples jump start or accelerate their work on their relationship. Intensives can be especially helpful for couples in crisis or who have limited schedule availability for on going therapy.

Most couples retreats are done in a group setting offering only general education and information for “most couples”. They are NOT a good option for couples experiencing serious distress, couples looking to fast track things, or couples who are protective of their privacy.

As a highly sought after couples therapist in Las Vegas, Nevada, I've had the privilege of helping countless couples navigate their way through challenging times in their relationships. One question I often get asked is whether couples should opt for a traditional weekly therapy session or attend a two-day couples therapy intensive. While both approaches have their merits, I strongly believe that a couples therapy intensive can be far more beneficial in many cases.

Firstly, a couples therapy intensive is a concentrated and focused approach to addressing issues in a relationship. During a two-day intensive, couples are able to explore their issues in depth, with the help of a highly skilled therapist in a vacation destination. This type of concentrated approach allows couples to gain a deeper understanding of each other's perspectives and to work through issues more effectively.

Secondly, a couples therapy intensive can be more cost-effective in the long run. While traditional weekly therapy sessions can add up quickly, a two-day intensive can provide significant progress in just a short period of time. Couples can then follow up with shorter and less frequent maintenance sessions to keep their progress on track.

Also, a couples therapy intensive can be particularly helpful for couples dealing with time constraints or busy schedules. Instead of having to schedule regular weekly sessions around work and other commitments, couples can attend a two-day intensive over a weekend, allowing them to make significant progress without disrupting their daily lives. Couples Retreats and Intensives are a great way to getaway from your native environment and escape to a beautiful vacation destination to work on your relationship without constant demands and distractions.

Finally, a couples therapy intensive can be a powerful way to jumpstart the healing process. For couples who have been struggling for some time, a two-day intensive can provide the motivation and momentum needed to start making positive changes. It can also be a way for couples to gain a fresh perspective on their issues and come away with new insights and strategies for building a stronger relationship.

While traditional weekly therapy sessions can be effective in some cases, a couples therapy intensive can be a powerful way to make significant progress in a short period of time. By providing a concentrated and focused approach, a two-day intensive can help couples gain a deeper understanding of each other, work through issues more effectively, and jumpstart the healing process. Whether you live in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or anywhere in the World, Las Vegas is an international vacation destination for all!

Private Couple's Intensives Are Best For:

Why choose a proven effective Couples Therapy Intensive instead of ongoing, regular Marriage Counseling?

Stay Connected

• Private experience focused just on you and your partner helping you to Reconnect

• Avoid a Permanent Separation

• Rebuild broken trust

• Forgive and be forgiven

• Put romance and passion back in the relationship

• Practice effective communication

• Work on the impact of trauma in your life & relationships

• Discover real wants and needs

• Feel Encouraged in your career and passions

• Complete 10-12 Therapy Sessions in just 2 Days

Working on Resolving communication difficulties

♥  Working on the impact of trauma in your life and relationship

Couples who struggle to attend on going regularly scheduled


People experiencing significant distress in their relationship

Couples who value privacy during the therapy process

Helping to repair a strained relationship due to infidelity or an attachment injury

May cover multiple issues, but typically deal with marital distress, recent or ongoing affair/infidelity, address trauma or attachment injuries, or address specific core issues in an intensive format

Couples Intensive Therapy Retreat In Las Vegas Nevada

Couples Therapy Intensives

Develop new skills and grow together.

Couples Intensive Schedule & Cost:

Working with a marriage counseling professional using the most effective model of counseling in the field of troubled relationships gives your marriage the strongest chance to improve, reconnect, and become happy together again. This is an exciting and unique opportunity to intensively focus on enhancing and growing your relationship.  Marriage Counseling in Las Vegas at Las Vegas Marriage Counseling offers many benefits and advantages.

If you're currently going through a crisis, an intensive can help you get your relationship back on track quicker. Other couples may not have the availability for on going regular therapy, but are in need of an intensive jump start to work through some important issues that may be endangering the relationship.

Couples Intensive Therapy Retreat In Las Vegas
EFT Certified Therapist for Couples in Las Vegas NV