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Dr Belle, PhD
Counselor and Therapist
Las Vegas, Summerlin, Mountain's Edge, & Green Valley, NV

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Divorce Recovery Specialist anabelle bugatti in henderson nevada

It's an incredible blessing to be a part of a person or couple's

journey to healing and happiness.  When someone comes in

feeling like their life is completely falling apart, and they leave

feeling hopeful, it has been a great day.

I see people when they are usually at their most vulnerable,

and it is an honor to me to be able to help them.

I am a counselor and therapist in Las Vegas with specializations

in helping couples and individuals mend broken relationships, and

overcome issues such as chronic stress, anxiety,

low self-esteem, or challenges with their personal life.

People often ask what led me to become a therapist and

counselor, and why I love working on healing relationships.

While I have always had a keen interest in psychology,

it was my own experience with divorce and remarriage

that led me to want to be a counselor and therapist, specializing

in restoring relationships.

I was 20 years old when I said my first "I do", and at the time I

had expectations it would be my only, "I do". These expectations

were disappointed when my happily ever after shattered,

just four years later.

Growing up with an active faith in God, I struggled with painful feelings and decisions when my first marriage ended. One of the most difficult aspects to face was the value conflict with my spiritual upbringing.

As I learned to heal and forgive myself, I also learned that I was not doomed or condemned. I learned that I didn't walk around with a big sign over my head that broadcasted the word "divorced" or "failure".

I was able to overcome, grow, and change. I have experienced the joy of a second chance at love and a happy and successful re-marriage, and believe others going through divorce can also go on to have successful and amazing marriages, even if they're getting married again after multiple divorces.

I believe it's never too late to find redemption in relationships and re-marriage if you're willing to learn the lessons from your past and work towards breaking unhealthy patterns and doing things differently. No matter how old you are or how many times you've been married or divorced, it's never too late to find the love that you want and have a happy and successful marriage!

Dr. Belle, LMFT

Certified EFT Supervisor & Therapist

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Dr. Belle, LMFT

Certified EFT Supervisor & Therapist

Anabelle Bugatti

LMFT, MS, NCC, Certified EFT Couples Therapist

Counselor & Relationship Expert


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Expert EFT Couples Counselor and Therapist in Las Vegas, and Henderson, NV

Las Vegas Marriage Counseling
Spanish Vista Executive Suites(Near IKEA)
4955 S. Durango Dr Suite #161
Las Vegas, NV 89113            
Phone: 702.473.0175

Training and Qualifications as a Counselor and Therapist in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

Las Vegas Marriage Counseling

Spanish Vista Executive Suites (Near IKEA)
4955 S. Durango Dr Suite #161 
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Find healing with a genuine, professionally and extensively trained counselor and couples therapist

EFT Certified Therapist for Couples in Las Vegas NV
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Christian Couples Therapy in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Summerlin Nevada

As a couples counselor, therapist and relationship expert in Las Vegas, I have extensive graduate and post graduate level training, as well as additional certifications.

I earned my PhD in marriage and family therapy at Northcentral University, and am the local community leader for therapist's learning and training in the model of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). My dissertation research focus was on Competing Attachment in romantic relationships and how this impacts relationship satisfaction and security.

I also hold a Bachelors degree in psychology with a minor in marriage and family therapy from UNLV. Additionally, I received my Masters of Science degree in clinical mental health counseling at Long Island University, CW Post Long Island,  New York. During my time in New York I participated in extensive training in couple's therapy in addition to completing a clinical internship at a substance abuse counseling center in lower Manhattan.

I hold several certifications in addition to my graduate work. I am a nationally certified counselor and an ICEEFT Certified Emotionally Focused Couples Supervisor and Therapist (EFT). Emotionally Focused Therapy is the gold standard of counseling, and is demonstrated through rigorous outcome research to be the most effective model of counseling, who's interventions and methods are proven to last over time. I continue to maintain the highest level of training in EFT because I want to use what works. Before I became a therapist, I went through marriage counseling, and I'm sorry to say not all of my experiences were positive. I want to offer my clients the best there is and I want to use what's proven to work. EFT is the best there is. To learn more, visit: to learn more about Emotionally Focused Therapy and why it's so amazing.

In addition to my experience in couples therapy and marriage counseling, I have training in working with anxiety and stress, and helping those concerned about the direction of their life.

My second book, "Using Relentless Empathy in the Therapeutic Relationship; Connecting with Challenging and Resistant Clients" (2020),  is available for purchase by clicking here.

My first book, "Basic Academic and Professional Writing with APA Format" was published in 2015.